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Dear friends, For easier and more convenient use of our site, we have written for you this post with navigation. Here you can read brief information about each section. We hope it will be useful for you. If you still have any questions or suggestions, you cannot find the information/section/product – write to the Contact Us form.

Top of the site

Sticker About Discounts. The button in the upper left corner is clickable. Clicking on it, you will automatically move to a page where you can see all the products (different categories) with a special price. Do not forget to look there sometimes, because we periodically add a new product to this section.

Search. If you know the name of the product, but cannot find it, the search engine on the site will quickly help you with this problem. In addition, you can search for products of a certain category or author. For example, typing in the search engine "vampires" in the results will give you all the tubes suitable for this topic, as well as news in the blog, if any.

Cart icon. Shows the number of items you have chosen to purchase.

Notification icon. If there is a new post or comment in the blog, you can see the number of unseen updates on this icon.

My Profile. Contains personal information about your account (your name, email), about purchased products and settings where you can manage notifications from the blog.


Home. The page shows the latest updates on our website. Each banner is clickable, when you click you will move to the author section, product categories (for example, Chibi World) or to the page of the special offer that is valid at the moment.

PU Tubes. When you click on this menu item, you will be taken to the section where you can find all the tubes for personal use. On the left are categories that will help you better navigate and find what you need.

If you just hover over this item, a drop-down menu will open in front of you. The first three links lead to the authors ' personal galleries, and the last two to the pages with Matching Kits. Page Matching Kits Old includes tubes from last year's collections, which for convenience we have taken out separately.

R4R. Section with tubes, which are available for resale.

Chibi World. This section presents Chibi R4R, both new and from last year's collections. You can also find here information about special coupons and discounts available for this category of goods. In the future, we are planning to expand the section and add also Chibi for CU/PU.

CU/PU Elements. A section with elements and cute animals, that you can use for CU/PU.

Free Gifts. We want to support our customers and the best way to say thank you are the little gifts that we prepare for you. They can be, as for registration on our site, and on special occasions. Stay tuned for updates on the site and information about free gifts. After all, some of them we send only once and do not represent any other opportunity to buy them. Don’t miss it!

Contact Us. In this form you can ask any questions, write suggestions to improve the site or share your problem regarding the work of Art Content and we will try to help you in the near time.

Bottom of the site

About us. Brief information about our website, about us and links to our social media pages.

FAQ. Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here. How to make a license, what copyright to use for gift tubes, how to disable notifications from the blog and where you can find the blinkies. Not found the answer? Use the Contact us form.

Blog. All the latest news about the life and work of our website and group on Facebook you can read here.

Terms of use. What you may or may not do with certain categories of products on our site. Also, these rules for each section are duplicated on the corresponding page at the top, under the section name. We have tried to make the rules for you the most comfortable, so that shopping brings you only pleasure.

Privacy Policy. Information about the data that we use to ensure the correct operation of our website and make your stay on it more comfortable.

We have described the main sections and buttons on our site. Hope now you will not get lost and will feel even more comfortable on the Art Content.

Have a nice day!


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