New type of products

Dear friends! We have added a new type of R4R products to the site and slightly changed the general procedure for publishing R4R and CU/PU products.

Therms of use for R4R have NOT changed!

● The copy limit varies from 10 to 15 (the exact number will always be indicated upon sale)

● Some R4R will include a set of CU/PU elements as a gift

(main PSD file tube + PNG CU/PU elements from the section CU/PU elements as a gift)

● After a lapse of time (at least a week), we will add a tube to the CU/PU section in the form of PNG files.

PNG CU/PU elements from the gift set cannot be changed.

PSD of these elements with the ability to change can be bought separately in the section CU/PU elements, as before.

● In addition, we will add a new type of R4R SET products to the site. This is a collection of several elements that you can assemble into a single picture. It can include both elements and animals along with chibi. Such sets will be available for a week in the form of R4R (each element in a separate psd file, divided into layers + several color options in png), after which (at least a week) they will be added to our site as CU/PU elements (only png format). They are subject to the general rules P4R and CU/PU.

These rules come into force from today and do not apply to previously purchased goods.



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