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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Hello, dear owners of Stores. We get lots of letters about matching Kits.

First of all, we want to say that we are not searching any special Kit maker for Art Content. Especially, when we saw how many people want it. We decide that we shouldn’t make such radical restrictions.

World of Artists and Designers is huge and if you like our tubes and want to make Kits, so do it. Maybe it is very different than you addicted, but to choose someone individual will mean that we decline all anothers. We believe that such a freedom will make better circulation and advertisments between products for all psp World. Also your Kits will have good competitors in the same conditions.

We will be glad to see your beutifull Kits in our site and we will add link on your Stores with pleasure. For us important to save connection between Tubes and beautiful Stuff for them. It will be perfect collaboration between us, lets support each other!

How to Add your Kit on site: 1) Please check first, that there no more than 3 ready Kits for 1 tube. 2) Send picture of Kit in form Contact Us 3) Link it in your store 4) Name of tube 5) Put link on Tube from our store near your Kit Colors, parts and names of Kits should be in harmony with Tube.

Have a nice day!


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