How can I get my license?

Your license looks like this: AC_NICKNAME
To write your nickname click here (1) and choose “My Account” (2). Next step is “Edit” (3). In these settings you can choose your profile picture and write your nickname (4). After that just click “Save” (5).
Copyright info for your tags: ©ARTIST_NAME www.Art-Content.com AC_NICKNAME Example: ©YUKI www.Art-Content.com AC_Emma

Which license should I use for free tube Amanda?

This tube is a collective work. Each of us drew different parts of girl and different accessories. That's why you should use three our nicknames as in a description of tube. But if you have some reasons and can't made it, write only ©ArtContent.

I don't want to get blog notifications on my e-mail. What should I do for this?

If you want unsubscribe from blog make next steps: 1. Go to your profile. 2. Choose "Settings". There you can adjust blog mailing or unsubscribe from any blog news.

I need your blinkies to my site/blog. Where can I find them?

All blinkies you can find here and choose one, which you like more.

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